Travel for life

November 03, 2020

Life is like hide and seek, you need to hide from the world, seek for yourself. And travelling with nature touch is definitely a great way to play hide and seek.

Normally, we travel to take a break from a routine, but some people make their life story as a travel journey. So, they are literally on a break for a lifetime. One of them is Ashish Pokiya.

Yes...Yes, he is the guy whose video of diving 11 times in freezing cold chadar trek got viral, a guy who traveled on a cycle from Surat to Kanyakumari, a guy from Junagadh, bought up in Surat and passionate to travel.

The boring thing for him is a normal routine life, he like life full of surprises. He says that’s one of the great things about traveling is you never know what you are going to see tomorrow. How all this started how it is been like an full time traveler lets find out ….


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