Kick your fear out

November 03, 2020

Make sure the kick you are getting is towards your goal, cas getting distracted is always on the losing side.

What if I tell you that sometimes-stranger kicking you is right for you? But that's the scenario true for a football; the player's kick helps it reach the goal.

Training and preparation are something that we find in every successful player. Thinking differently always leads to great experiences. And that is something that a winner like Khushi is always seeking for.

Khushi didn't saw those opportunities in college life, so it was not so difficult for her to eliminate that option. she was actually on a hunt for a different idea. And on that hunt, she aimed her arrow to the concept of a football coaching club in Surat. But as everyone knows, aiming is not the end. It just a start. Your focus and confidence are what the arrow takes to hit the target hard.

At a very young age, Khushi aimed to establish and create football culture in the town of Surat and that is how Surat City United football academy was founded which now trains hundreds of footballers.


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