Space is for everyone

November 03, 2020

Let's explore and discover together, we will enjoy and it will be fun, remain untried, will be none,Cas at STAR, there's "Space For Everyone".

Space Technology and Aeronautical Rocketry, also known as Star is a private aerospace company that builds high powered rockets, rocket engines and other space systems.

STAR firmly believes that space is for everyone and also aims to make space missions commercial for building easy, economical and efficient launch vehicles for small satellites.

Hard work is the key to success, but motivation is also another source. So, the question is, "How to keep yourself motivated?" The reply was, "You need motivation for ambition, you don't need motivation for passion. And also, when you have you self-believe, and your inner voice is screaming for success, you don't need any external motivation."

Interacting with such a warm personality was nonetheless motivating for our interviewing panel. All we can say is, the aura that Mr. Sunny Kabrawala keeps around him is unmatchably encouraging for the young space enthusiast and you know it already if you've heard him at TEDxSURAT.


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