A place to Unite

November 03, 2020

What's satisfaction? Imagine you worked a lot, stress of whole day, and you are tired. Sitting on a dining table, plate is served and you got "A Taste That Matches Your Frequency" that is what satisfaction all about.

"Chai Ki tapri pe Aaja." It's the most commonly used sentence to meet your friends. And that particular place is perfect in itself. And the best thing about that is, your brain will function at its peak in that surrounding.

So, what if someone stays at that tapri for a very long time? Well, I can say that he can become the prime minister of the country. But this is not about the chai(tea); this is about the environment you are getting.

Surat has already been famous for good food and always-hungry foodies. Besides that, a good place to hang out with friends is what people in Surat are always looking for.

And in the town, we have the best place where you can have such a great atmosphere, and in fact, the name of that place is "Thikana," which is under the ownership of Mr. Yash Mehta. Want to know more about Thikana join us in this journey ...


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